Eros Activation For Women

Own your power, awaken your life force, reclaim your pleasure, activate your voice & expressions.

$444 for 2 Activation Sessions 


Please choose the payment option that most suits you


Disconnected from life?

Disconnected from your body, heart & soul?

Women I see you...

Underneath this external layer of being a strong, independent, 'got it all together' woman, beyond this facade of 'perfection'...

Are feelings of Tiredness, Exhaustion, Loneliness and Feeling 'Not Enough'...

The juggles...The 'shoulds'...The responsibilities...piling up...

"Who am I?, I don't know who I am anymore" - You may wonder

Disconnected from your body, from life...Judging, shaming yourself on how you 'should' have it all figured out, the 'perfect' life you 'should' have by now...the successful career, a family that you're grateful for, all the things you get to buy, the lifestyle of your choice... All of that just reminds you how unhappy and lonely you feel deep inside...

And even though things are bubbling inside, you shut it down and 'soldier on'

Disconnected from life...Disconnected from your body...Disconnected from your heart and soul. 

Deeply unhappy. Lonely. Isolated. 

Frustrated. Resentful. Lost.

Seeing your self confidence, mojo and happiness go out of the window.

Woman, I see you! ...I see your struggles and I feel your pain...

Because I've been there myself... and it's a f*cking unfulfiling life to say the least...

You know deep down you deserve more than this... There's a deep soul calling within ...

To step into the woman you want to be...








  • Feeling connected with yourself, with your body. Feeling in love with yourself more than ever before. Radiating love and happiness from the inside out.
  • Being empowered in your sexuality, feeling confident in who you are as a woman, rocking it inside and outside of the bedroom.
  • More in flow with life. Feeling like you are deeply connected to soul, to your purpose, and serve from a place of full nourishment.
  • Breaking through negative beliefs, patterns, limitations that stop you from being the happiest version of you.
  • Smash through procratination, self sabotaging and undeserving patterns.
  • Reclaim your voice, your truths, your expressions, your power
  • You can say YES more fully to your life, to your passion, to your wholeness.

Own your power, awaken your life force, reclaim your pleasure, activate your voice & expressions.

$444 for 2 Activation Sessions 

Please choose the payment option that most suits you

"Jane’s work is phenomenal, and at the same time it is not for the faint hearted. 

Jane has an amazing ability to hold space for you to truly feel free to show up as you are with all your vulnerabilities and to tap into your truest power.

She’s an expert in her field and make no mistake she will push your buttons, but in a good way. I knew I was aligned with Jane’s work and had no hesitation to work with her because of her passion in truly understanding and embracing both our shadow and light masculine and feminine parts. 

She has moved through it all and is very transparent in sharing her own journey in what it takes to truly embrace your sovereignty. As a self-confessed overachiever I can overdo and burn out my masculine and leave my feminine feeling underutilised, neglected and unsupported. 

Jane was able to hold the portal for me to truly become aware of my patterns. Her weekly themes allowed me to explore where I was limiting myself, how I could develop a more resourceful masculine and uncover how I could invite greater flow in my life with my divine feminine energy.

She has an amazing ability to hold space for you to truly feel free to show up as you are with all your vulnerabilities and to tap into your truest power. That’s the support she’ll provide. 

I was able to tap into parts of myself that had been dormant for so long and it was such a liberating feeling. I can’t recommend Jane’s work enough and it is something us overachieving women need to embrace more of. Thank you Jane xxoo  

Jackie Kat – Founder and Lead Facilitator of the Roar Journey

"I would highly recommend this to all women out there who want to explore themselves on deeper level. Tap into their gifts, their wisdom and create some amazing transformations.  

WOW! What can I say about my journey. First of all Jane is an amazing facilitator, she has the ability to create a really safe space for exploration, growth and anything vulnerable that is shared is kept confidential.  

I loved the embodiment aspect of the course. It is one thing to shift old limitations but embodiment and integration are also very important to create lasting changes.  

Since completing the program I feel much more comfortable sharing from a vulnerable place, it gets easier every time I do it and allows me to connect deeper to the people in my life. Also I am now much more confident saying NO. I am following what is true for me and trusting what is in alignment and honouring myself in my sensitivity.  

Thank you Jane for supporting me on this journey!!  

Romy Bach

What is Eros Activation Session?

Deep healing & Transformation

2 powerful initiation sessions that combine soulful mindset work, embodiment, somatic work, breath work, essence coaching, bodywork techniques, hypnotherapy, meditations, working with shadows and more (whatever I have, and whatever you need!)  

This is how we'll roll:

* 2 x 1.5 hours in person session or over zoom if you are not based in Melbourne

* The first 15 minutes will be mainly about designing your very own ritual/ceremony and then majority of the time is for us to journey deep into shadows and alchemise the shadows into eros/life force, the last 15 minutes is for integration.

* Text or Messenger support after the sessions to help you integrate deeper

There are 3 pillars that I use to create deep and sustainable transformation.  

1. EMBODIMENT: Accessing the body, accessing the unconscious, connecting with the core of what's really going on. This process provides the client a pathway to connect with their body (and for many who haven't connected to their body for years, this already rocks their world)  

2. SHADOW HUNTING: We'll track patterns, negative beliefs, unconscious paradigms, and shadow parts of ourselves that run the show. You can't change what you're not aware. This is the key for transformational shift. For many clients, this process allows them to reclaim parts of themselves they have supressed, deemed unworthy, judged, shamed or criticised.  

3. ALCHEMY: Turning pain into power, turning shadows into gold. See for many they believe these hidden parts of themselves are something that they need to hide. If you do that, you already betray yourself! Alchemy allows us to cultivate the gifts, the golds, the diamonds and at the same time, let go of the stuff that no longer serve us. As the results, more wholeness and more epic life. 


You see your body has so many stored memories, patterns, beliefs, traumas...not only from this lifetime but also from generations and lineage of pain, fears, suppression.

Your mind may think it's got everything sorted out...but deep down, these patterns still unconscciously run the show. 

So why bother dancing on the surface when we can go to the core and plug out the roots? 

And if you've tried to shift things before but keep coming back to the same stuff over and over again...You know what?

Time for a new upgrade! 


"Jane has walked the walk of overcoming challenges. Moving from Vietnam to Australia as a young woman she had to find her way and this took tremendous courage and discipline to break through cultural ways of being a woman. Jane is ageless ... she embodies the roots and power of the feminine in ways only a crone can & embodies the softness of the maiden. Jane has the ability to hold space with full integrity - her transparency is a gift. Jane as a coach can work with the day to day practicals of life and the magic of life. I am a mother of 4 and older than Jane but her wisdom has opened my heart and body up in ways that I didn’t think was possible. Working with Jane brings about change and choice. Janes gifts are her presence, power, principles, and love. Jane seeks out amazing mentors and is constantly challenging herself to learn more. I went to a workshop with Jane that was life changing as she is a master at ceremonies allowing her intuition to guide what is most beneficial for all.” Marnie Sather

"From the first coaching session with Jane, I saw immediate results. Jane’s compassionate and honest feedback as my coach helped me trust her and take a deep look at my thinking patterns and some of my self-destructive beliefs. I noticed remarkable improvements after the first session and thereafter. Jane’s commitment and guidance as a coach brought me back to the person I knew I could be” Stefanny B.

"What I have taken from our sessions has been completely invaluable. Jane is an amazing coach. As a result, all of my relationships with my loved ones, colleagues and clients are benefiting, and I am living each moment of my precious life. Thank you Jane!" Clare Sullivan – from Unwind Myotherapy

"Jane is a phenomenal coach who has facilitated transformational change. The difference that I have noticed in myself and that others have observed is something that I never thought possible. I am so grateful for her support and I would highly recommend Jane to anybody who is committed to changing their lives”. Beverley H.

Meet Jane

Hey beautiful soul,

I’m Jane Nguyen. I am a Heart Activated Woman, Feminine Embodiment Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Facilitator.  

My soul purpose and mission on this earth to initiate people back into love, into the fullness of who they are.

I’m on a mission to empower ambitious and conscious women just like you to step more into their wholeness through connecting with their body, heart and soul, integrating their shadows and step more into the person they were always born to be.  

I came from a background of abuse so my whole journey has been about stepping into my truths and power, reclaiming my identity, heart, body and pleasures. I'm done fitting in and playing small; I've broken the moulds and have healed lineage of wounds/traumas around Masculine and Feminine. This journey for me personally has been about coming back 'home' to myself and shining from a place of true love and wholeness.  

Unlike traditional coaching or counselling, I work with the body, access the unconscious parts, where there are incredible intuition and wisdom. Through embodiment, we connect with deeper parts within ourselves, awakening the life force within the bodies and alchemising our shadow parts that unconsciously run the show.

I have had the privileged of being featured on different online magazine, radios, podcast and pulications to share my expertise including Your Tangos, Mouths of Mums, The Coaching Institute, The Smart Healthy Women, 88.3 Radio, Nooga Radio

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